Steve Milton

  • Steve Milton's Blues Disciples

Photo Credit: Rich Sayles Photography

About Steve Milton

"I bought my first guitar at aged 14 by trading in my push bike and using my paper round money to make up the difference. From then on I practised and taught myself to play by listening to old records, until I joined my first band at 16, playing local clubs and pubs. 

At 18 I formed my own band and soon gained a good following, acquiring an agent who booked the band to play for the armed forces both at home and abroad, nightclubs and even for a season at a holiday camp.

By 1990 I was ready for a change and had a short break before being persuaded by Graham Shaw to start up again. Thus the Steve Milton band was formed playing the type of music closest to my heart, ‘the Blues’. After a few band changes (Graham Shaw left due to work commitments), a settled band line up emerged and in 1992 we became a popular crowd puller playing the town’s (Rotherham) best venues and headlining local shows and festivals. Even recording a ‘live’ cd in 2005.

The band was changing direction in 2006 and I felt it was time to move onto other things, including a move to Malta. Here local venues employed me to play the blues acoustically. Unfortunately, due to a serious illness I had to give this life up and returned to the UK. I was still in contact with my old band mates and did the occasional gig until 2012 when I had to give up as my health deteriorated. 

After major surgery in 2014, I spent some time recovering and in January 2015 felt I was well enough to give it another go. After doing some searching I got back in contact with my original drummer (Graham Shaw), contacted my old bass player from the Milton Band (Paul Broomhead) and we got together for a jam. Finding things were working well we asked Graham’s son Nick to join us on 2nd guitar and Steve Milton’s Blues Disciples was born. Although early days we are again gathering a good following and the band is going from strength to strength.