HK Audio Vortis Cabinet

HK Audio Vortis Cabinet

Item Code: VR11514
RRP £1,419.00


The VORTIS series comprises six speaker models scaled according to size and power. Hallmarks of the VORTIS series include:

  • Outstanding directivity
  • Excellent intelligibility
  • Maximum versatility
  • One of the many standout features of the VORTIS series is the selection of horns. All VORTIS models are available with three choices of rotatable horns (60°x40°, 90°x55°, 60°-90°x55°). These cabinets come with a front grille covered in an opaque screen and specially developed mounting accessories. Their look is subtle and unobtrusive enough to fit in discreetly with any decor and setting. All speaker models and accessories are also available in any desired RAL color and in weatherproof outdoor versions.

    With unfinished housings for all models always in stock, we can fill custom orders at very short notice. We paint the enclosures and mount hardware as soon as your order arrives so you won't have to wait long for your personalized cabinets. IL 112, IL 115, IL 118, and IL 218 subwoofers are available to extend the VORTIS series’ low-frequency range and performance.