Hughes & Kettner era 2  400w Acoustic Amp ~ Wood

Hughes & Kettner era 2 400w Acoustic Amp ~ Wood

Item Code: ERA2WD
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The Hughes & Kettner acoustic amp is a premium 400-watt acoustic amplifier era by Hughes & Kettner – never has an acoustic amplifier been truer to the instrument.

You can only focus on giving your best performance if you can place your full trust in your instrument and onstage equipment to do likewise – from a transparent, natural sound to a supreme dynamic response. This is where the range of era amplifiers come in.

The era 2 is designed by legendary German acoustic amplification guru Michael Eisenmann in collaboration with the Hughes & Kettner team. Eisenmann’s renowned development skills – coupled with Hughes & Kettner’s industry-leading technological expertise – make this amp a reality.

The amps are crafted using superb engineering skills, painstakingly matched components, exquisite finishing, and extraordinary quality in our workshop in Germany.

The era amps give you richly detailed definition for peerless authenticity and tonal brilliance, as well as a number of remarkably innovative and intuitive features that make every performance better:
• The most transparent, natural reproduction of your true acoustic tone
• Plenty of headroom for a wonderfully responsive, dynamic feel
• Two identical channels equally well suited for instruments and voices
• Intuitive three-band EQ controls - and two separate EQ Modes - for each of these channels, plus other sound-shaping options
• Comprehensive FX section with 16 adjustable and saveable FX presets
• Inputs and outputs for every conceivable professional purpose
• Amplifies all different kinds of acoustic instruments: steel-string guitars, nylon-string guitars, accordions, harmonicas, and other stringed instruments, as well as keyboards, etc.

Key features:
• 400 watts of assertive power
• Richly detailed definition, remarkably direct response
• Lots of headroom for a wonderfully responsive, dynamic feel
• 2 x 8” custom-made speakers and a 1” dome tweeter render the entire tonal spectrum with stunning accuracy and deliver powerful low-end
• 4 channels (inputs): - Channels 1 and 2 identical & equally well suited for either two instruments, one instrument and one voice, or two voices - Channel 3 / Aux In perfect for an outboard audio source - Channel 4 / FX Return a superb bus for line-level devices
• 5 outputs suitable for every conceivable professional purpose: - DI Out (pre/post EQ selectable) - Stereo Line Out; adjustable - Channel Out (CH1, CH2) - Optical Recording Out - Stereo Headphone Out
• Big FX section, separately assignable per channel and suited to instruments and vocals, with plenty of different effects types and sound-shaping options
• Amplifies all different kinds of acoustical instruments: steel-string guitars, nylon-string guitars, bass guitars and double basses, accordions, harmonicas, stringed instruments, keyboards, zithers, etc.
• 35 mm pole mount for on-target aiming, perfect for aligning speakers right at the ears of the musician or the audience
• Weight of around 14 kg / 31 lbs. makes for convenient transport and handling
• Included Tilt Stand sets the amp to a 35° angle to aim the speakers at the musician or audience
• High-quality included cover with velvet lining protects the amp while in transit or storage
• Designed and engineered in cooperation with Michael Eisenmann – a renowned acoustic amp guru who is the brains behind some of the greatest acoustic amplifiers of all time
• Constructed from premium-grade components and materials
• Made in Germany: engineered to the highest quality standards

Technical specifications:
• 400 watts
• Channels 1 and 2 each equipped with: - High-resolution Mic and Instrument input (combination XLR/6.5 mm (¼") jack with switchable phantom power)
- -10 dB / Shape / Mute buttons
- Gain knob
- 3-band EQ with two modes (e.g. for steel-string and nylon-string guitars)
- Channel-centric FX engine with 16 programs (reverb, chorus, flanger, etc.) and adjustable effect parameters
• Channel 3 / Aux In: 3.5 mm adjustable stereo input
• Channel 4 / FX Return: 6.3 mm adjustable stereo input
• Master: Volume and Notch Filter for suppressing resonance
• FX Loop: 6.3 mm (¼") FX Send jack
• DI Out (switchable to pre/post EQ section)
• Stereo Line Out (adjustable)
• Footswitch, Tuner, Headphones ports
• Optical Recording Out: S/PDIF-Toslink
• Speakers: 2 x 8” and 1”
• Power amp: 400-watt class D
• 35 mm pole mount
• Tilt stand (35°) included
• Padded protective cover included • Dimensions (W x H x D): 350 x 475 x 290 mm
• Weight 14.1 kg / 31.1 lbs. (wood), 14.45 kg / 31.8 lbs. (black)
• Recommended accessory: Hughes & Kettner FS-2 Footswitch