Hughes & Kettner 'Into The Blue' History Book

Hughes & Kettner 'Into The Blue' History Book

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A unique and exciting glimpse behind the famous Hughes & Kettner blue lights, this is a tell-all company biography: Into The Blue: A Brief History Of The Technology Of Tone.

Written over two years by longtime H&K custom shop builder Uwe Sicks, Into The Blue provides a lovingly detailed history of a small family-run guitar amp dream that has gone on to become a reality on stages, in practice rooms and at studios across the world.

At more than 200 pages long, and packed with hundreds of accompanying pictures – many of which have never been publically released before – the book pulls no punches in documenting the ups and downs of 30 years in the tube amp industry, from the early days of building speaker cabinets in a garage in Saarland to the modern-day global success of household names like the TubeMeister, GrandMeister and TriAmp ranges.

It also includes exclusive interviews with Hughes & Kettner’s founders and the most important players over the last 30 years – both on the stage and in the factory – and a wealth of other information that will prove fascinating reading for any guitar or music enthusiast.