Trophy Plastic Kazoos - Box of 40

Trophy Plastic Kazoos - Box of 40

Item Code: PK50J
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One old favourite instrument that’s always been around is the kazoo. That’s because anyone can play one – if you can hum, you can kazoo! As well as being a favourite instrument for one-man-band buskers with a kazoo stuck in the old harmonica harness, it’s also been involved on a ground breaking piece of psychedelic music. Don’t believe me? OK, check out the intro to the great 60’s song, ‘Crosstown Traffic’ – none other than Jimi Hendrix there blasting out the riff on guitar and kazoo! Minimal cost, maximum fun! And if it was good enough for Jimi...

So grab a Trophy 1st Note kazoo, whether you get super-creative like Jimi or just have a laugh going, ‘toot toot te toot toot’!

Submarine shaped plastic kazoos producing a powerful tone. Supplied with counter display box containing 40 kazoos. Mixed colours. 
Trade only. Sold individually.

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