Fret-King Clean Boost Pedal

Fret-King Clean Boost Pedal

Item Code: FKCB
RRP £59.99


The Fret-King Clean Boost is so simple, so self-explanatory – and so effective. You're approaching that moment in the song where you need to go one step louder, one step bigger, but you need your signal to stay clean. This is where the Clean Boost comes in. Dial in up to 20dB of extra power for the parts that really matter, and play them as clean as a whistle. The Clean Boost will not colour your sound in any way, and it certainly won't distort your tone or overload your amp. In short, it's just what you need if you want to keep it clean – and loud.

Inputs: 2
On/Off: Foot switchable
LED: Effects On/Off
Casing: Die cast aluminium
Battery: 9V Included
Adapter: Not Supplied
Controls: Level

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Controls Level