Fret-King Line Doctor Pedal

Fret-King Line Doctor Pedal

Item Code: FKLD
RRP £59.99


Extended cable runs, weak pickups and true bypass effects chains can all cause signal degradation, rendering your fit and healthy guitar sound faint, frail and anaemic.

The classic symptoms of tone suck, treble loss and lack of volume are all you need to make a full and frank diagnosis; thankfully, for those who are suffering, the Fret-King Line Doctor is always on call.

Employing a completely transparent signal buffer, the Line Doctor quickly and painlessly remedies impedance mismatches, reducing the load on your pickups and restoring your guitar signal to full health, allowing you to drive your tone through extended stage and studio routing without any unwelcome side effects.

Inputs: 2
On/Off: Foot switchable
LED: Effects On/Off
Casing: Die cast aluminium
Battery: 9V Included
Adapter: Not Supplied

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