Review ~ Vintage Paul Brett signature 6-string & 12-string ~ The Guitar Magazine

Vintage VE8000PB-12 & VE8000PB Paul Brett Signature Electros
“The six-string Brett is a very persuasive picker, but it’s the 12 that’s the unequivocal ace of the pair, not just for its all-round abilities, but the fact that it’s as rare as, well, a very rare thing. You simply will not find another 12-string parlour-style electro for this humble (and case-inclusive!) money; any alternative will be a pricy luthier job. ‘My intention is to get the 12-string into as many hands as possible,’ says Paul. Well, mate, you and Vintage are about to succeed in spades.”

Reproduced with the express permission of The Guitar Magazine (Anthem), November 2017