Paul Tebbutt ~ Pilgrim Designer


An accomplished designer, instrument designer and builder, production expert, musician, guitarist, banjo and fiddle player, singer and general folk music aficionado, Paul Tebbutt, is a man for whom quality and perfection is of prime importance.

Pilgrim, a UK company, originally based in Leicestershire created a real stir in acoustic guitar circles following its introduction back in the 1970’s, with its small-scale production and Paul’s personal oversight of production ensuring that the guitar’s premier quality construction was always the prime focus. Production never ran to big numbers and ceased in the mid 1980’s, leaving the select few who’d acquired one of these fine instruments with a guitar which represented an important milestone in British guitar making and has since gained something of a cult status.

Impressive performance ensured that Pilgrim guitars garnered many accolades, rave reviews and awards. They are still sought after today.

Paul has always felt that his instruments should reflect the lives of the musicians who play them, and enhance their overall playing experience.

In 2009 JHS and Paul Tebbutt joined forces to re-create those glory days of yesteryear and bring the Pilgrim name back to the market.

Starting out initially with the recreated Pilgrim Mayflower guitar, with its signature contoured semi-parabolic back, the range quickly grew into a full line guitar and fretted folk instrument selection, keeping the spirit of those pioneering early Pilgrim guitars alive, with Paul overseeing all aspects of design and construction.

Each and every Pilgrim instrument features unique design aspects, outstanding tone enhancing finishes, custom cosmetic features and of course the love, heart and soul which can only be imbued in a musical instrument when a skilled and passionate designer is overseeing every detail.

The range now includes Pilgrim banjos, from the superb “Progress” open back model, to the exceptionally highly specified “Morning Star” series. G banjos, tenors, ukulele banjos, bluegrass models, resonator and long neck models, all conceived using the best materials, established ‘benchmark’ constructional techniques and superb hardware for ultimate reliability, premium tone rings, heads and bridges for power clarity and projection, all brought together with a close eye on elegant cosmetics unique styling cues and superb playability.

Pilgrim Mandolin and Mandolas feature premium timbers, traditional tonewoods, constructional techniques and superb hardware ensuring power clarity, projection and playability. As with all Pilgrim instruments an eye to elegant cosmetics, unique styling cues sound enhancing finishes is always evident, as is of course, superb playability.

An adept advocate and skilled proponent of all styles of folk music, Paul’s unique skillset has all been brought together to create the Pilgrim range. Feature rich, superbly playable, elegant and attractive unique designs. Instruments which surprise and delight, lending themselves to players of all abilities.