The Cavern Club and Marquee Club Record Players

No matter if you have an old collection of vinyl, or are just getting into the craze, these new portable record players from The Cavern Club and Marquee Club are the ideal way to listen to some classic recordings.

The portable wooden briefcase design is compact and lightweight, and yet you can play 78’s, 33’s and 45’s with ease through its built-in full range dynamic twin speakers.

Other features include RCA audio out sockets, 3.5mm Aux in socket, plus the usual volume and on/off controls and auto stop switch.

Protected by metal corners, the tough vinyl covers are emblazoned with eye-catching logos and images from two of the greatest venues in the history of popular music.

Attractively packaged in full colour display boxes, the RPCV1 The Cavern Club and RPMQ3 Marquee Club Record players.