Vintage Statesboro' ~ Neil Harpe

"My Statesboro 12-string arrived safe and sound this morning. So far, I had to tear myself away from playing it to email you. On first meeting “Statesboro”, I am very impressed.

I would call the Statesboro' a “modern interpretation” of the original “Westbrook” 12-string that Blind Willie McTell played. And yet in a number of  ways, it’s an improvement. Firstly, I like that it has a radiused fretboard, rather than the flat board used on all prewar “Stella” guitars. Much more comfy. The woods are vastly better. The neck on the Westbrook is poplar, an inferior wood that is soft and bends easily. The neck on this guitar appears to be maple and has an adjustable truss rod. “Statesboro” plays like greased lightning! The original Westbrook’s top, back and sides were birch and the body unbound. I like this guitar’s spruce top, maple back and sides with a bound top and sound hole. And yet, the visual aesthetic is nearly a dead ringer for an original 1930’s era instrument. Bravo! "

Neil Harpe – multi-talented artist and author of The Stellar Guitar Book.

Reproduced with the express permission of Neil Harpe, October 2017