Clayton USA guitar picks and accessories

Clayton USA musical accessories are now also available from JHS, with a large percentage of the product lines being made up of Clayton USA's legendary guitar picks. The range of picks and accessories on offer is expansive, with a huge number of designs catering to players of all levels and styles including:

Acetal/Polymer picks – these high strength picks are designed for ultimate performance, employing the optimal mix of stiffness and flexibility for powerful tone. Each pick features a matte surface for guaranteed no-slip grip.

Hex Picks – featuring a hexagonal key hole to ensure the pick remains locked in place during playing. Hex picks are also extremely comfortable and, like all Clayton USA picks, built to last.

Ultem Tortoise – reinvigorate dull, old strings with the crisp and clean attack of Ultem Tortoise. Utilising the highest grade material, Ultem Tortoise resembles the fabled tone of tortoiseshell but with added durable for ultimate longevity.

Metallics – Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper picks produce tones which are vivid, bright and clear, offering a distinctive contrast to the sounds made by traditional plastic guitar picks.

Exotics – a selection of picks made from more uncommon materials including Bone, Wood and Coconut Shell for a complete departure from the feel, sound and performance of orthodox guitar picks.

House of Horror Collection – Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street; give your guitar playing the cutting edge with killer movie-themed pick sets. The House of Horror Collection also contains Clayton USA drumsticks featuring gory graphics from each movie, perfect for fans of slasher flicks!

Pork Knuckle Slides – Featuring no uneven surfaces, these perfectly smooth slides produce a sound found in no other ceramic slide; Pork Knuckles also feature a signature finger grip for ultimate player comfort. In addition to the Pork Knuckle range, JHS are also distributing glass, brass and socket slides.

Supercharge your guitar sound with a tone injection, courtesy of Clayton USA, the professional’s choice!