Protect the ears of your little monkeys with Thunderplugs Bananamuffs

Your youngsters' hearing is invaluable, so it's vitally important to look after it as well as you can. Sounds above 80 decibels (dB) can be harmful to hearing, while any sound above 100 dB is considered an immediate risk. Now, with the help of Thunderplugs, the ears of concert-going kids are better protected than ever before thanks to the introduction of Bananamuffs!
Distributed around the UK and ROI by JHS, Thunderplugs Bananamuffs block 25db of sound, ensuring noisy activities such as live music events and firework displays can be enjoyed safely and free from the the threat of hearing damage. 
Bananamuffs are suitable for all ages, and an adjustable headband ensures they will continue to fit your child as they grow, providing years of safe sound reduction and hearing protection. 
Certified and tested according to the EN norm 352-2, and equipped to meet all EU safety and quality requirements, Bananamuffs feature high-comfort padded ear cups and easy-fold hinges for simple storage. Take the danger out of loud environments, leaving your little ones free to enjoy the fun by always packing a pair of Bananamuffs.