Strap in for action with brand new Perri's designs

Perri's Leathers' new range of guitar and ukulele straps are ready-made for the budding show-stopper. Expanding on the Perri's aesthetic of vivid and vivacious, the new selection of straps caters to guitar players looking to catch the eyes of the crowd.

Jacquard straps – A staple of the guitar player's wardrobe for half a century, the Jacquard strap instantly recalls rock music's halcyon days. Available in various new designs for 2018, Perri's Jacquard straps are 2” wide, and constructed from the highest quality ribbon, sewn on to a tubular webbing. Leather ends offer extra protection from the stresses of touring, whilst an adjustable length of between 39” to 58” offers enough slack for even the most ardent low-slung six string pickers. Locking strap versions are also available and feature a heavy-duty plastic end piece that quickly and simply locks onto your guitar's strap button, keeping your instrument supported and secure during even the most extreme on-stage acrobatics.

Classy Line – For those seeking a more understated appearance, the new Perri's Classy Line of leather guitar straps are an elegant and fashionable little 'on the shoulder' number. Produced using 2” Italian top grain leather, front and back, with vintage metal tri-glides and loops, the Classy line packs a sizeable portion of panache.

Ukulele straps – why should Ukesters miss out? Four string finger flappers can up their strap game with Perri's super selection of seven colourful ukulele straps. Constructed from 1.5” thick fabric and with an adjustable length of up to 38”, Perri's fun-themed fabric ukulele straps are the perfect match for your music.