pTrumpet hyTech introduces the cutting edge of trumpet innovation

Utilising years of expertise and experience in the manufacture of plastic, pTrumpet hyTech represents the next level in plastic instrument engineering. Alongside the use of plastic, the most contemporary brass instrument manufacturing techniques have been employed by pTrumpet to produce a truly unique, pro-standard instrument.

Weighing in at only 650g (1.4lbs) the pTrumpet hyTech Bb trumpet is exceptionally lightweight, incorporating traditional stainless steel pistons inside a yellow brass valve block to ensure the tightest tolerances. In addition to aluminium Top and Bottom Valve Caps and Valve Stems, the leadpipe, bell, bell-bow and tuning slides are all individually-shaped to deliver a free-blowing feel and an instrument of advanced quality.

Each pTrumpet hyTech is supplied with a brass 7C mouthpiece and padded carry bag, allowing you to store and transport your instrument safely.

Distributed in the UK and ROI by JHS, and available in Gold, Silver and Black, the pTrumpet hyTech puts you on the very cutting edge of trumpet innovation.



• Bb Hybrid trumpet
• ABS Main Body Construction
• 11.65mm Bore (.459")
• 128mm Bell (5")
• Patented Hybrid leadpipe design
• Brass Mouthpiece Receiver
• Accepts any regular metal mouthpiece
• Top Sprung Valves with ABS guides
• Precision Milled 304 Stainless Steel Sleeved Pistons with ABS Core
• ABS Valve Block with Yellow Brass Sleeves
• Adjustable 1st and 3rd Valve Slides
• 1st and 3rd Valve Slide Stop
• 1st and 3rd Slide Trigger Rings
• Removable 2nd Valve Slide
• Plated Steel Water Keys with Silicon Seals (Main Tuning Slide + 3rd Valve Slide)
• Aluminium Top & Bottom Valve Caps
• Aluminium Valve Stems
• Contoured Aluminium Finger Buttons
• 7C Silver Plated Brass Mouthpiece
• Quality Padded Carry Bag