Brand new ukuleles from Laka

Laka Ukuleles are excited to announce a new range of instruments. Building on the company's already impressive selection of professional-standard ukuleles, the new arrivals extend the Laka roster even further, offering a greater choice than ever before to budding Ukesters of all standards.

The LVUS10 takes the popular VUS10 Soprano Acoustic Ukulele and flips it, enabling left handed players to get in on the 4 string action. Featuring a solid Sapele top, back and sides, this full-bodied Soprano instrument is rounded off with a Mahogany headstock, guaranteeing strong and consistent tone and excellent projection. The instrument also ships with a branded Laka Carry Bag.

For those seeking a more sonorous tone from their Uke, the VUT30 Tenor and VUB30 Baritone exhibit the same solid back, top and sides as the VUS10 Soprano instrument, but extend the Ukulele's tonal range towards the lower end of the spectrum, for deeper and richer tones.

Rounding out the new fleet of Laka Ukuleles is a Bass model. Using the same body shape, black binding and Acacia Koa construction as the Fretless VUB90EA, the VUB100EA is a fretted bass ukulele that's guaranteed to provide a solid bedrock for your compositions. Featuring the Fishman Clasica II preamp system (volume, treble, bass & phase controls) to perfectly capture its unique tones, the VUB100EA is also equipped with a built-in tuner for accurate tuning on the fly.