XVIVE Celebrate 250,000 sales with Limited Edition XU2 GOLD.

Xvive are celebrating 250,000 worldwide sales of its revolutionary XU2 Wireless Guitar System, with the limited edition Xvive XU2 in luxurious Gold finish.

Already available in a variety of cool finishes, only 300 XU2 Gold sets will be available in the UK to commemorate huge sales of the professional guitar player’s number one choice of wireless guitar systems.

Highly regarded as one of the most trusted guitar wireless systems on the market, the Xvive XU2GD is designed to accurately transmit every true detail of the guitar’s sonic characteristics onward to effects, amplifiers or mixing desks… with zero latency and without affecting clarity or tone.

For guitar players who don’t like complications in the studio or in a live environment, the XU2 Wireless Guitar System could not be easier to use, (simply switch on and select a channel) with a host of stand-out features that have earned this compact 2-piece transmitter/receiver package, recognition and praise from musicians around the world.

With 24bit resolution, 4 independent channels operating at 2.4GHz and with a range of up to 70ft (25m), the XU2 Wireless Guitar System is beneficial to any guitar rig and is the ideal choice for stage, home and studio, it can also connect via Bluetooth to your favourite device.

Demand for the unique and impressive Xvive XU2 Gold will be high and with availability limited to 300 units, the only thing to fear…is missing out.