Graphtech launch world’s lightest ukulele machine heads ~ Ratio TUNE-A-LELE

Graphtech, the world’s largest manufacturer of instrument accessories including nuts, saddles and bridge pins, has launched Ratio Tune-a-lele machine heads, a totally new and revolutionary machine head system specifically designed for tuning ukuleles. 

Graphtech Tune-a-lele machine heads eradicate the problems associated with tuning ukuleles that are in most cases, fitted with machine heads designed for steel string guitars, the results are frustrating to say the least, often sloppy and unresponsive with inaccurate and unstable tuning.  

Tune-a-leles have been designed with a 6:1 gear ratio, in contrast to the 14:1 gear ratio on standard ukulele machine heads. The lower 6:1 gear ratio accommodates the ukulele string’s physical properties and creates a tuning system that is far more responsive and predictable. The Ratio system is a whole new concept for gear design which not only improves the tuning experience, but holds your uke’s tuning longer. 

With zero backlash and zero backdrive, the patented Graphtech Tune-a-lele technology has created a smooth tuning experience that allows for more efficient tuning, within precision built machine heads specifically designed with the ukulele in mind. 

Tune-a-leles are made from a proprietary composite material and far more lightweight than standard ukulele machine heads, whilst extremely durable and withstanding over 60lbs of string pressure. With the combined weight of 4 ratios weighing less than a single standard machine head, ukuleles installed with Tune-a-leles are now balanced and refrain from headstock ‘diving’. 

Graphtech Tune-a-leles, the world’s first machine heads specifically designed for Ukuleles. Never again feel frustrated tuning your uke.