Pigtronix Power Supply

Pigtronix Power Supply

Item Code: PXMVP
RRP £369.00


Pigtronix Power is a robust and flexible power supply designed to provide quiet, stable power for guitar effects pedals. Each outlet is isolated from the others, preventing crosstalk or unwanted noise.

• 2 x 9V outlets @ 100mA • 2 x variable (9V/12V/15V/18V) @ 100mA
• 2 x high current variable (9V/12V/15V/18V) @ 300mA
• 2 x high current 18V @ 300mA • Switchable for 115V or 230V wall voltage
• Short Circuit Protection • Courtesy AC outlet

• 5pcs of 2.1mm connector 12" cable
• 5pcs of 2.1mm connector 24" cable
• 2pcs of Daisy chain w/ 5x 2.1mm connector
• 1pcs IEC wall plug