Fret-King Classic Wah Pedal

Fret-King Classic Wah Pedal

Item Code: FKWW
RRP £89.99


The original, pure wah tone.
One of the keys to an authentic wah sound and response is using the right style of inductor. Naturally, Trev has made sure to use a custom designed, classic-style 'halo' inductor on the Fret-King wah, so you can be sure you'll get all the vintage voicings you need in your playing. 
The Fret-King classic wah features a uniquely versatile tonal sweep – from crystal clear bass through to crisp, sweet trebles, and anywhere in between. Jimmy, Steve or Shaft, the Fret-King classic wah is your best friend.

Inputs: 2
On/Off: Foot switchable
LED: Effects On/Off
Casing: Die cast aluminium
Battery: 9V Included
Adapter: Not Supplied
Controls: Foot plate


Controls Foot plate