Fret-King Power Boost Pedal

Fret-King Power Boost Pedal

Item Code: FKPB
RRP £59.99


When your guitar tone needs to cut through the mix to reach the back row, make the Fret-King Power Boost your first choice pedalboard companion.

With a single knob to adjust the Output Level, the Power Boost drops a dollop of up to 20db of clean output into your signal chain, providing a trouser-flapping volume hike that cuts through the mix and takes your sound all the way up to 11.

When the time comes to stand out from the band, crank things up to the maximum and take your solo over the top with the help of the Fret-King Power Boost.

Inputs: 2
On/Off: Foot switchable
LED: Effects On/Off
Casing: Die cast aluminium
Battery: 9V Included
Adapter: Not Supplied
Controls: Level

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Controls Level