Xvive Tone Shaper Equaliser Pedal

Xvive Tone Shaper Equaliser Pedal

Item Code: XV15
RRP £39.99


The Tone shaper is a powerful two-fitter combination. Through the LOW BOOST and HIGH BOOST filter settings, it can provide up to 6 db boost in overall volume if desired.

The LOW BOOST control emphasizes the lowest octave of a 6-string guitar and the lowest two octaves of a bass

• Two-Band Equalizer
• Two multi-pole sharp cutoff filters
• Up to 6db Gain
• Works with bass or guitar 
• Maximizes tone flexibility of instrument
• Lows/Highs/Level Control
• Excellent dynamic response
• Simple, easy to use design
• 100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry
• “Effects on” indicator light
• Original XVIVE tone
• Micro pedal package
• Durable all-metal housing
• 9V DC power supply required
• Current Draw: 15mA