Kinsman Trombone Stand



Kinsman have a superb choice of high quality stands specifically designed for brass and woodwind instruments. Featuring innovative designs with a small footprint, all models are lightweight with a robust construction that’s ideal for home use, in the studio or within live stage environments.

The Kinsman TR22 Trombone Stand is a fine example, designed to hold your trombone secure, in an upright position. The height-adjustable metal tube design, features a non-scratch, rubber bell-cone that fits all trombones.

With a fold-away tripod base and rubber feet that ensures stability, the Kinsman TR22 is the perfect compact trombone stand, that’s easy to set up and will quickly collapse into a portable package.

About Kinsman

In 2004 the Kinsman brand was created by John Hornby Skewes. With four decades of specialisation under his belt, John Hornby Skewes envisioned a brand that would bring together a comprehensive range of essential products for musicians.

Driven by the desire to curate a collection of products that cater to the needs of musicians, Kinsman is a one-stop destination for all things musical. The brand's passion lies in making musicians' lives easier, helping them achieve their goals, and enhancing their playing experiences through thoughtfully designed accessories.

When it comes to Kinsman, you can expect proven quality and exceptional value. Kinsman offers a great selection of essential items, carefully crafted with a focus on design and build. Each Kinsman product is meticulously specified to ensure it surpasses expectations and stands up to the demands of musicians.

What sets Kinsman apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment to functionality, durability, reliability, innovative design, and providing value for money. By embodying these brand values, Kinsman has earned its reputation as the go-to brand for musicians seeking top-notch musical accessories.

Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned professional, or anything in between, Kinsman is there to support your musical journey with products that are built to last.

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