Beano pBuzz + Free Sticker Sheet

Beano pBuzz + Free Sticker Sheet

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Beano pBuzz

Finished in the traditional Dennis and Minnie black and red colours, the Beano pBuzz features images of the terrible twosome from the worlds longest running comic, plus Dennis’ faithful hound Gnasher along the slide.

Designed as a fun way to get children into creating music and brass instruments in particular, the award-winning pBuzz is easy to play and has been a massive hit since its introduction. Schools and tutors are delighted by its easy to understand pitch notation and children are encouraged by being able to quickly and easily create music thanks to its unique design.

The Beano pBuzz comes in attractive colourful packaging and also contains a sticker set so that children can customise their pBuzz with more Beano-inspired artwork.

Manufactured in Britain by Warwick Music Ltd.

• 5 1/8 inch (130mm) bell
• Detachable mouthpiece (will accept any small shank trombone mouthpiece)
• Patented leadpipe technology
• Coloured slide to help note location
• Notes and number on slide
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Closed length: 55 cm
• Extended length: 81 cm
• Manufactured in the UK