HK Audio Linear 5 - Long Throw Satellite - Passive

HK Audio Linear 5 - Long Throw Satellite - Passive

Item Code: L5LTS
RRP £1,425.00


What does it take to throw the entire frequency spectrum over 30 meters and beyond?
Only large line arrays pack a punch powerful enough to deliver that kind of performance. Until now, that is. LINEAR 5 LTS has arrived, and it’s the first speaker to deliver real long throw performance in an ultra-compact format. Now you can hit the road with fewer speaker components in tow, saving valuable space on your truck. What’s more, you can set up, stack and fly rigs that much faster and easier. The LINEAR 5 LTS is not only the easiest way of delivering the best sound for small and midsized live events, corporate events, and installation projects; it’s also the most economical option out there.

•  Ultra-compact long throw system
•    Economical (cost-performance ratio, saves truck space)
•    Innovative Multicell Transformer technology (MCT)
•    Vertical asymmetrical directivity (+5° / -25°)
•    Acoustically correct headstacking
•    Coherent wavefront stacking
•    138dB Halfspace
•    Filter presets available for lab.gruppen IPD controllers
•    Made in Germany