Dunlop Super Bright Stainless Steel Bass Strings - Light

Dunlop Super Bright Stainless Steel Bass Strings - Light

Item Code: DBSBS40100
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Dunlop Super Bright™ Bass Strings are designed for bass players who want to stand out in the mix with a crisp top end without sacrificing any fundamental. Carefully designed and tested by our team of bass players, Super Bright Bass Strings sing with clear, defined highs that are supported by a fat, balanced bottom that keeps your sound full and round. Lighter tension provides a superior response to playing nuances, and the silky smooth feel of each string provides superior playing comfort. With extra-long life and exceptional string to string balance, Dunlop Super Bright Bass Strings allow the natural voice of your bass to come through.

Stainless Steel:
• Clear, defined highs & fat, balanced lows
• Lighter tension
• Crisp, clear top
• Flexible feel
• Smooth, focused bottom end
• Superior string to string balance

Gauge Range: 40, 60, 80, 100