Seiko Metronome / Chromatic Tuner ~ Grey

Seiko Metronome / Chromatic Tuner ~ Grey

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Easy to use and convenient, functions include Metronome, Tuner* and Reference Tone Generator.

*Additional function for tuning in just intonation: just a major third (M3), just a minor third (m3) indicator.

Tuner -
Tuning Range: A0-C8 (when A4 is set to 440Hz)
Reference Tone range: C4-B4 (12 notes)
Pitch Shift: A4 = 410-450Hz

Metronome -
Tempo Range: 30-250 beats/min
Beat/Rhythm types: 0-7, 6/8, Quaver, Triplet, Semi Quaver

Input: Built-in microphone, 6mm mono jack socket
Output: 6mm mono jack, speaker
Dimensions: 105w x 64h x 18d (mm)
Weight: Approx 90g inc batteries
Batteries: 2 x AAA 3V