Jimmy DeLisi

  • Decades Rewind

"The V52 is a TONE MONSTER! This guitar is now attached to my hip lol. what a great feel and nostalgic piece of workmanship! Thank you Vintage and thank you Trev!!"!

About Jimmy DeLisi

Jimmy Delisi started playing guitar at an early age. Being raised in one of Cleveland’s poorest projects, his first instrument was a five dollar guitar he bought from a neighborhood kid. His first “lessons” were various licks learned from the older children in the neighborhood. Jimmy has been recorded on countless albums and studio sessions with various instruments including the banjo, bass, mandolin, drums, keys and of course, the guitar. His resume is impressive, having played with Kevin Dubrow, Frankie Banali, Killer Bee, Brian Johnson’s Naked Schoolgirls and Saints and Sinners. He recorded his first record in 1988 and landed his own record deal with Capital Records in 1989 with a band called Julliet. 

Currently playing witth Decades Rewind, Jimmy is also a busy session player.