Integral Close-Cab Miking System ~ 12" Diameter



The SamSystems INTEGRAL Close-Cab Miking System delivers a sonically accurate, balanced 100% pure analogue output from a guitar or bass cab or combo’s speaker, via an installed off-axis microphone, terminated in a standard XLR connector, for direct balanced connection to a mixing desk for live or studio applications.

Simply and quickly installed, within an open or closed-back speaker cabinet or combo as a passive ‘fit and forget’ concept, with no need for batteries or phantom power, INTEGRAL features a circular rigid frame mounted internally, against the speaker cabinet’s baffle and held in place by the speaker itself.

The high-quality INTEGRAL flat response super cardioid dynamic microphone capsule has an exceptional hi/lo full range frequency response and extended dynamic response housed within the central ‘pepper pot’, and aimed strategically at the speaker’s sweet spot, off-centre, towards the outer edge of the cone, delivering unadulterated speaker audio in all its “analogue glory”.

The ergonomic domed design of the INTEGRAL “pepper pot” is two-fold, housing the microphone capsule, and also functioning as a sonic diffuser, calming harsh frequencies emanating from the centre of the speaker, whilst enhancing and redirecting punchy mids and highs toward the microphone capsule allowing the analogue audio to cut through the mix.

INTEGRAL eradicates the setbacks associated with traditional close cab miking methods, removes the need for backline mics, stands and cables, reduces costs, tidies up the visual, reduces setup and soundcheck times, removes overspill and improves sonic consistency.

“Rig It and Gig It!”… it’s as simple as that. 

• INTEGRAL delivers sonically accurate, balanced 100% pure analogue output direct to the mixing desk.
• Quick, clean, easy fit and forget installation.
• No power supplies or batteries required.
• Fits easily onto rear mounted or front mounted speakers.
• INTEGRAL “pepper pot” functions as a sonic diffuser.
• Plug ’n' go operation.
• No need for mics, stands, cables and all the associated pitfalls.
• Saves time, saves space, reduces costs, simplifies set-up, soundcheck and operation.
• Reduces sound overspill in live or studio applications.
• Available for mono and stereo output. 

“Rig It and Gig It!”… it’s as simple as that. 

About Integral

The INTEGRAL IM Series Close-Cab Miking System combines the precision of engineers with the creativity of artists to develop a unique approach, and a viable alternative to traditional close-miking techniques.

Quick fit into any guitar combo amp or speaker cabinet.

Road-tested at hundreds of live shows and studio sessions all over the world.

An innovative solution to augment or replace traditional external close-miking techniques in a live or studio environment.

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