The world’s best strings need a serious pickup: bring on the patented Dean Markley Artist Transducer, a must for mandolin, fiddle, dulcimer, banjo, ukulele, classical or acoustic guitar. For acoustic guitar, the patented ProMag Plus single coil and ProMag Grand double coil, both in beautiful maple housings, have singing, bell like harmonics, perfect string balance, and smooth high end balance.
Making the worlds  best strings, and transducers is nothing if you can’t get that tone to your amp or desk.
Dean Markley Blue Steel Cables, use a unique cryogenically activated process for brighter, more alive, transparent tone across the entire range, with every note crisp, clean and clear. Blue Steel cryo treated cables are more durable, conduct sound with less hum and ancillary noise and no distortion. Digital or analogue, long or short, instrument, patch or speaker, Blue Steel let you be heard the way you are.
Dean Markley: the science, art and alchemy of making the world’s best strings, pickups and cables, for you.