Guild® by Thalia Pick Puck ~ AAA Hawaiian Koa with Guild Pearl Logo



Officially licensed Guild® by Thalia Pick Puck Collection.

Custom inlaid with a Pearl Guild® logo, the patent-pending pick puck is the ultimate guitar pick holder. Stick anywhere that is most convenient for you! 

Thalia Pick Pucks attach using our GuitarSafe™ Micro-Suction pads which are modelled after a gecko's foot. Pick Pucks do not include the picks shown in photos.

Fits picks up to 2mm thick.
Diameter: 40mm (1.57")
Thickness: 5mm (0.2")

Guitarsafe™ Micro-Suction Pads
Thalia's proprietary GuitarSafe™ Micro-Suction Pads are modeled after a Gecko's foot, using suction instead of adhesive to adhere to your guitar. 

We tested multiple formulations of micro-suction material before finalizing the formula for our GuitarSafe™ pads. Some formulations were far too aggressive and others not quite aggressive enough. Instead, we wanted it to adhere safely to the guitar's finish but not so aggressively that it could cause damage to delicate finishes. The pad's surface contains thousands of microscopic air pockets that create partial vacuums between the puck and the target surface. It isn’t pressure sensitive and won't leave any residue behind. It can also be used repeatedly without losing its gripping power. 

If your Thalia Pick Puck loses some of its bonding power, simply wipe the GuitarSafe™ Micro-Suction pad with a damp cloth to remove the dust and it will work as good as new.  To remove the pick puck, you simply pull up very slowly on one edge to break the suction.

About Thalia

Thalia Capos are made available in Chrome, Black Chrome, and 24k Gold finishes. The capos are beautifully decorated in various mixtures of Exotic Shell and Wood Inlays along with UV Printing to complement the look of a player’s guitars.

The patented reverse action mechanism allows for easy installation and movement on fretted instrument fingerboards. The capos ship with two versions of the patented OctaveTouch Universal Fret Pads which mimic the elasticity of the human finger. The Standard-Tension version comes installed and works best with 6-String Guitars, while the High-Tension version works best with 12-String Guitars, Mandolins, Ukes, and thin neck Guitars.

For enhanced fine tuning, Interchangeable Fret Pads are available to match the specific radius of almost every Guitar on the market.

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