Xvive Portable 3 Channel Personal Mixer



As a musician and/or singer, whether you’re performing live, rehearsing with a band or recording in a studio, you need to hear both yourself and the other musicians. But just as importantly, you need to have control over what you hear. Everyone hears differently from their own perspective, so everyone needs to have control over their own mix.

With the PX system, control of that balance is always within reach, and always adjusted perfectly to your liking!

System includes:
• One PX-A mixer/headphone amplifier
• One PX-B snake
• One Cat 5 25-foot cable (7.62 meters)
• Three balanced XLR to unbalanced ¼” TS adapters


About Xvive

Xvive is an innovation company focused on making great-sounding, reliable and affordable gear for musicians, producers, engineers, and videographers.

Xvive designs products that are easy to use, so creators, are freed up to concentrate on their creative endeavours.

At the technological cutting edge of wireless technology and a design ethic which focusses on the needs of users, Xvive uSB rechargeable systems operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM worldwide non-licensed band, and feature 24 bit/48Khx sample rate, multi-channel operation, transmission, with flat response audio characteristics and very high dynamic headroom and S/N ratio with ultra-low THD and almost zero latency.

Class leading systems include the benchmark U2 guitar wireless system, which comes in a huge range of finishes, the U3 XLR plug in systems suitable for dynamic and Condenser mics, PA zoning, and DJ use, U4 In-Ear systems, and the matching T9 In-Ear monitors and the P3 Bluetooth audio receiver.

Xvive. Wireless performance technology for creators.

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