Vintage Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
Vintage® launched millions of guitar players on their journey when they revealed the VC1 Series in 1995, unleashing guitars with an unbelievable blend of style, playability and incredibly high specifications…at ‘unheard of’ price points’.

For 25 years Vintage has continued to earn an excellent reputation and respect from musicians around the world and, to this day, continue to develop and launch new and exciting lines.

Aided by some of the finest artists, guitar and hardware designers in the music business including Trev Wilkinson, Paul Brett and Gordon Giltrap, JHS have worked and continue to work tirelessly with the Vintage design team and their relentless quest for innovation, authentic tone, and outstanding playability.

Along with the many Acoustic lines such as the Paul Brett Signature Series, the Vintage® ReIssued™ and Vintage® ICON™ Series of electric guitars and basses have become best sellers and classics in their own right, with the Vintage ProShop™ Series offering hand finished one-offs, and the recently launched Vintage Joe Doe guitars featuring individually themed custom artwork and body designs.

It’s been said many times: “Vintage guitars shouldn’t look, sound or play so good for the price…how do they do it? “

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