Xvive Butterfly Guitar Stand



The G1 Butterfly Guitar Stand was meticulously engineered to hold your guitar upright, safely and reliably, on-stage, in a studio or at home. It’s suitable for virtually all electric, acoustic and bass guitars.

STURDY AND LIGHT G1 was designed in Germany for stability, durability, and portability. It’s made of metal (aluminum alloy), but the stand’s perforated design lowers its weight dramatically—so you get both rigid, sturdy construction and light weight. 796 g (1.75 lbs) is about the weight of a carton of milk, two small cans of soup, or a bunch of bananas!

ALL GUITARS The stand’s two-tiered cradle accommodates almost any electric, acoustic, classical or bass guitar, and even other stringed instruments such as mandolins.

UNTIPPABLE The silicone cradle and backrest ensure that your guitar will stay put in the stand, and that its finish won’t be scratched. Four points of contact with the floor—and no-slip silicone feet—mean that the stand (and your precious instrument) won’t tip or slide around onstage!

STAND UP There’s no assembly required, and the stand sets up in seconds. When not in use, it folds into itself, compressing into a super-compact and ultra-light accessory for easy transport and storage.

PACK IT UP AND GO At 337 x 255 x 62 mm (13.27” x 10” x 2.44”), G1 is small enough to fit in the back pocket of your gig bag!

Folded Dimensions (W X H X D):
337 mm x 255 mm x 62 mm (13.27” x 10” x 2.44”)

Open Dimensions (W X H X D):
420 mm x 262 mm x 325 mm (16.54" x 10.32" x 12.8")

Weight: 796 g / 1.75 lbs

Material: Aluminum alloy / Silicone

About Xvive

Xvive is an innovation company focused on making great-sounding, reliable and affordable gear for musicians, producers, engineers, and videographers.

Xvive designs products that are easy to use, so creators, are freed up to concentrate on their creative endeavours.

At the technological cutting edge of wireless technology and a design ethic which focusses on the needs of users, Xvive uSB rechargeable systems operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM worldwide non-licensed band, and feature 24 bit/48Khx sample rate, multi-channel operation, transmission, with flat response audio characteristics and very high dynamic headroom and S/N ratio with ultra-low THD and almost zero latency.

Class leading systems include the benchmark U2 guitar wireless system, which comes in a huge range of finishes, the U3 XLR plug in systems suitable for dynamic and Condenser mics, PA zoning, and DJ use, U4 In-Ear systems, and the matching T9 In-Ear monitors and the P3 Bluetooth audio receiver.

Xvive. Wireless performance technology for creators.

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