Control 'Click Pick' ~ Bag of 24 Picks

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This first ever expandable guitar pick snaps shut for a rock solid attack, and opens for improved flexibility with just one click.

Simply pull down (or push back) the end of the pick to adjust the flex of the pick. Easily done with just your fingers, you can snap it shut for a rock solid feel or click it open for super flexibility.

The Dava Click Pick boasts an original rubber grip, multi-gauge control and now, for the first time, instant adaptability between songs.

• Rhythm to Lead in One Pick!
• Non-slip Tractor Grip
• Fantastic Tone Quality
• Perfect for All Styles

About Dava

Introduced to the market in 1966 by the remarkable inventor Dave Storey, USA made Dava Control Picks remain the most advanced and innovative guitar picks ever devised.
The unique Dava Tractor Grip control region gives a ton of grip and a multi gauge pick which lets you squeeze seamlessly between the feel of a soft gauge to a hard gauge while playing, letting you find your precise pick attack edge, right when you need it.
Want more “SNAP”? Instantly open and close your pick feel with the Dava Click Pick with just one click. Snap it shut on the fly for a rock-solid feel, or pop it back open again for super flexibility.
The original Dava Control pick comes in Gray/Green Nylon and poly gel in six vivid translucent colors. Dava Grip Tips and Jazz Grips, with their patented over-moulded grip provides superior grip and a velvety feel, and come in Nylon, Delrin and single colour poly gel.
Dava Rock Control picks with an enhanced control region, and inserted Delrin tips, are super-fast action and super precise. Dava Master Control picks, with their inserted bevelled edge nickel silver tip provide phenomenal “chime” and outstanding tone with unparalleled articulation no matter how hard you push them.
Dava, probably the only pick you’ll ever need.

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