CAD ABS Drum Rim Microphone Holder ~ Pair, Black



The CAD Audio DMC5 offers a compact and convenient mounting option for your drum miking needs. The DMC5 is made from a highly-durable ABS plastic that absorbs the shock and vibration of each hit of the drum. Each DMC5 (sold in pairs) includes an attached mic clip (22mm/0.9”) that can accommodate microphones with a diameter of 18-28mm (0.7-1.1”).

You’ll get a nice tight fit on your drum rim thanks to the adjustable, spring-loaded mounting bracket, and the height and angle adjustments on the mic clip will help you find the perfect placement for your microphone.

• Highly-durable plastic compound helps to absorb shock and vibration
• The adjustable, spring-loaded mounting bracket fits snugly on most common-sized drum rims
• Includes attached mic clip which can be adjusted for height and angle to achieve perfect mic placement
• 22mm (0.9”) mic clip can accommodate microphones 18-28mm (0.7-1.1”) diameter
• Compact design eliminates the need for a mic stand
• Sold as a pair

About CAD

CAD Audio continues to build upon over 85 years of innovation and success in the audio industry delivering innovative and highly useful solutions for performers, engineers and a wide range of audio professionals.

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