Ultra-Pure Ultra-Light Valve Oil ~ 50ml



Ultra-Pure Ultra-Light Valve Oil is made for the closest tolerance valves. It is lighter in weight than our Professional Valve Oil and will make your valves feel faster and lighter. Works well on all brands of instruments and especially on very tight valves which can stick with other valve oils (especially Yamaha, CarolBrass and Schilke). Perfect also for the Thayer axial-flow valves of some trombone triggers. All synthetic, odourless, long-lasting. Ultra-Pure Ultra-Light Valve Oil has a lower freeze point compared to Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil and is the best choice for sub-zero temperatures (down to about 9F or -12C).

About Ultra Pure

Ultra-Pure provide fantastic professional valve oils, slide lubes, rotor oils and care kits for brass and woodwind instruments.

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