PP World Musical Instrument Creativity Set



Packed with colourful percussion instruments in its own colourful carry case with clear panel and carry handles, the PP World Musical Instrument Creativity Set, allows children the fun-filled opportunity to create their own rhythms, whilst exploring the exciting world of music and percussion.

This exciting all-in-one set includes a single headed tambourine with a vellum style head producing a warm sound that’s a perfect blend to the four pairs of chrome jingles, a pair of natural wood maracas, a jingle stick with six pairs of chrome jingles, a pair of wooden tone blocks, a wooden egg shaker, a metal triangle with wooden handle and metal striker, sleigh bells with a wooden handle and 7 bells, and a wooden framed glockenspiel with 8 coloured metal keys C-C and beater.

Not only one of the largest suppliers of innovative junior percussion products, PP World also recognises the importance of a healthy environment, by drastically reducing plastic packaging, hence, this product features alternative, exciting and colourful containers constructed from recyclable cardboard materials.

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