LAVA ME PLAY 36" with Lite Bag ~ Frost White



LAVA ME play

Delightful and all-weather design. All-in-one HILAVA experience. Elevated sounds
and light playability. All to ignite your musical journey from the start.

Playful Journey Ahead.
Designed for beginners and for the ones who would love to try the HILAVA experience. With an elegant design and vibrant colours, and less than half the price of the original LAVA ME3, LAVA ME play is bringing joy to a much wider audience across the world.


All-weather Body
Play the 36-inch everywhere. It’s built with durable high-pressure laminate and is resilient to any weather condition.

4-MASS Acoustic Structure
Upgraded to Up Your Game.
Play with sounds that cut through every stage.
LAVA ME play uses the 4-MASS technology to boost the dynamics of the top, back, side, and neck, unlocking a broader audio spectrum with more mids, so you’ll get a rich, balanced tone.

Playability at Its Easiest.
2.3mm Ultra-low Action. Absolute comfort to play.
Thin Heel ~ Smooth access to higher frets.

Truss Rod with Magnetic Cover
Adjust the neck without releasing strings.

More to Unlock
Beyond learning, performing, and creating, the extensive features of HILAVA 2.0
will make your journey full of joyful and exciting discovery.

New Ideas to Play
Every Time You Pick It Up.
Acquire skills of all levels in the Learn App. It contains an array of effective techniques, chord progressions, and licks from all genres — even the exotic ones that are rare to find.

100+ Drum Kits.
Right on Your Guitar.
Add extra excitement to your live singing and playing with the LiveDrums App. You can select a drum and use its three variations for your song's different sections with the A, B, and C buttons. You can also add effects, adjust BPM, and more.

• 4-MASS Design Acoustic Structure
• L3 Preamp with Standalone DSP processor/UnderSaddle Piezo
• Okoume FlyNeck, 18 Frets
• Zinc Alloy Machine Heads
• 3.5" Touchscreen / 4G Memory / 16G Storage
• 23.5" Scale Length
• Dimensions: 36.42" x 12.99" x 4.29"
• Weight: 4.17lb

About Lava

LAVA Smart Guitars allow musicians to commute and perform with an enormous selection of on-board effects and recording facilities, without the need for additional hardware or weighty pedalboards.  

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