Odyssey Debut 'Bb' Tuba Outfit with Case

SKU: OTU1000


The Odyssey Debut Bb Tuba is ideally suited as one of the principal instruments within military and brass bands, jazz ensembles, classical orchestras, and even pop, providing depth, power, and superb projection.  

• Polished brass gold lacquered brass body
• Gold lacquered brass lead pipe
• Gold lacquered caps and slides
• .661"/16.5mm bore
• 14.41"/366mm diameter bell
• Stainless steel pistons
• Responsive top spring valve action
• Lyre box
• Alloy water keys
• Brass tuning slides
• Silver plated brass mouthpiece
• Wheeled zero gravity ’backpack’ hard foam, plush lined, canvas covered case with shoulder straps
• Accessories: Cleaning cloth, gloves

Taking proper care of your instrument will also help you produce the best sound quality possible, we recommend Odyssey and Ultra-Pure brand accessories.

Odyssey Brasswind is designed and created by UK Master Craftsman Peter Pollard and the UK Odyssey design team.

About Odyssey

Exceptional instruments and essential accessories for students and advanced players. Odyssey Brasswind instruments and accessories have been painstakingly designed by British Master Craftsman Peter Pollard, one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world to produce instruments of breath-taking quality and supremely useable accessories. More...

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