Kustom Ukulele Battery Powered Amp Package ~ 10W w/Strap & Piezo Pickup



Featuring Kustom’s new compact KUA10 mains/battery powered 10W combo, an adjustable shoulder strap and removable peel and stick-on transducer body pickup, the Kustom KUA10 ukulele combo amp package is the perfect, lightweight, portable ‘gig anywhere’ solution. 

Looking effortlessly slick with a tan covering, fawn ‘weaved’ speaker grill and raised palm-tree logo, the compact Kustom KUA10 combo, draws on decades of Kustom amp design and manufacturing experience, whilst specifically voiced to accurately reproduce the much-loved, natural acoustic tone of the ukulele.  

With a size-defying full 10 watts, the Kustom KUA10 combines portability and power that’s loud enough for busking, gigs or playing with other instruments, with enough ‘headroom’ for chord strums and lead lines to ring out loud and crystal clear through Kustom’s own designed full range 6in speaker. 

With controls kept to a minimal Volume and Tone, you are ready to play in no time, while additional features include separate transducer and guitar inputs, headphone socket (mutes internal speaker for quiet practising) and a handy Auxiliary input to play optional backing tracks. 

The Kustom KUA10 ukulele combo amp package also includes a removable peel and stick-on transducer body pickup with a honey sweet, warm response to enhance the natural acoustic tone of soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles. 

And here’s the big one: When loaded with 6xAA batteries (not included), this cute combo, weighs a gravity-defying 6.25lbs (2.835k), light enough to use with the shoulder strap to duke your uke on the move. 

About Kustom

Kustom honors its trend-setting past by building award-winning amplifiers with features and tones that inspire a whole new generation of players. Take the time to investigate a new Kustom amp for yourself. Listen to their unique, soulful tones. Experiment with their one-of-a-kind features. We think you’ll come away wondering why you hadn’t checked out Kustom a lot sooner!

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