Floyd Rose Original String Lock Insert Block Set ~ Titanium



Formed from high grade, heat treated titanium, the Floyd Rose® FROTISLI21 titanium string lock insert blocks are the perfect upgrade for the Floyd Rose Special, 1000 Series or original double locking tremolo bridge systems. They are also compatible with CNC saddles that have a rounded front, or Floyd Rose bridges made in 2021 or later.

Titanium itself, is as strong as high-strength steel, but 40% lighter and corrosion-free against acidic sweat and dirt, whilst increasing vibrato performance and resistance to any deforming or cracking when subjected to high compressive forces from string clamping.

Fits Floyd Rose Original, 1000 Series, and Special tremolo systems.

About Floyd Rose

With the invention of the world’s first locking vibrato system in 1977, Floyd D. Rose completely revolutionised the electric guitar, and with it a whole new generation of players. 40+ years later Floyd Rose offers a vast array of replacement vibrato systems, upgrades and spares, and are used and trusted by some of the most influential and famous guitar players on the planet.

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