Musicians as diverse as Louis Armstrong, Peter Maxwell Davis, John Cage, Roger Walters, and theatrical applications like the BBC’s !I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue”, all used the iconic Slide Whistle.

Originating as a ‘road clearer’ for cycle races in the late 19th Century, the Acme Siren Horn can be heard in theatre pit orchestras, film studios, bands, ensembles and individual performances across the world for comic effect, and to simulate a police siren.

Incredibly authentic and natural in tone, Acme Duck Calls, Curlew Calls, Cuckoo, Dove and Pigeon calls, the wonderful water enabled Nightingale Call, the cacophonous three tone 534 Train Whistle, have all found their place in TV, cinema and theatre, popular, orchestral, and operatic music, whilst the Red, Green and Gold of the Three Tone Samba Whistle, and bright, cutting sound of the Mardi Gras Silver Samba Whistle, underscore the rhythm of some of the most exciting music anywhere.