For delivery to United Kingdom addresses only

General Conditions
Direct Despatch to the end user (hereinafter referred to as “The Consumer”) is available solely at the discretion of John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Vendor”), to JHS trade customers (hereinafter referred to as “The Reseller”) with Pro-Forma or open account terms, to provide products, (hereinafter referred to as The Goods) directly from JHS to The Consumer on behalf of The Reseller.

Open account terms must be within credit limit and payment terms as detailed in our prevailing standard Conditions of Sale.

Pro Forma terms must be fully complied with prior to despatch by JHS of The Goods to The Consumer.

Direct Dispatch terms are supplemental to the JHS Conditions of Sale with which The Reseller must be fully compliant.

Minimum order values and applicable carriage charges are as per the prevailing JHS Conditions of Sale, which may be amended from time to time without notice.

If requested by The Reseller, additional special delivery services within the UK and consignment at addresses outside of the UK are available at The Reseller’s cost.

The Reseller provides to The Vendor the irrevocable purchase order, and any appropriate documents i.e. consumer receipt, shipping labels, returns instructions and conditions etc. should The Reseller require such to be included with the goods.

Dispatch option one - The Vendor informs The Reseller that the goods are ready for collection. The Reseller instructs their nominated contract carrier to collect the consignment(s) from JHS premises in Garforth, Leeds, LS25 2HR.

All claims for missing and/or damaged goods will be solely between the Reseller and their nominated contract carrier.

Dispatch option two - The Reseller asks The Vendor to dispatch the goods on behalf of The Reseller in which case the outgoing carriage charges for the first and any subsequent delivery attempts, and any charges in the event of being unable to effect a delivery, for whatever reason, will apply as per The Vendor’s contract carrier schedule of charges, and The Vendors standard Conditions of Sale.

The Vendor will communicate only with The Reseller regarding issues concerning direct dispatch consignments made using The Vendors contract carriers.

The Vendor will advise the consumer, using The Vendor’s carrier’s usual procedures of the status of consignments despatched by The Vendor to The Consumer on behalf of The Reseller.

Where The Vendor’s contract carrier delvers goods to the Consumer on behalf of The Reseller, claims may only be investigated for missing and/or damaged goods if The Reseller informs The Vendor in writing within the timeframe stated in the prevailing JHS Conditions of Sale.

Availability of goods
The Vendor will provide item availability data as accurately as possible but stock levels can vary up to the point of consignment. The Vendor can provide The Reseller with access to an item availability feed via FTP to help The Reseller to accept Consumer orders for goods in stock.

Missing or Damaged Goods
If the goods are either missing in part or in full, and/or transit damaged, and were originally collected by The Reseller’s contract carrier the responsibility for all issues concerned with The Reseller’s carrier is between The Reseller and their carrier. The Vendor will discharge its responsibility as per the prevailing JHS Conditions of Sale.

If the goods were originally consigned to The Consumer by The Vendor’s contract carrier, The Vendor will only be able to entertain claims if The Reseller advises The Vendor of the issue in writing within the terms notified in The Vendor’s published Conditions of Sale.

Faulty Goods and Returns
Goods returned to the Reseller under distance selling regulations, without fault as “not wanted” by the Consumer will NOT be accepted for return from The Reseller to The Vendor.

The Consumer’s contract of sale is with The Reseller. All legal obligations and arrangements regarding returns are between The Consumer and Reseller. The Vendor will only extend its returns policy to that which is articulated in The Vendor’s prevailing Conditions of Sale.

Goods found or alleged by The Consumer to be totally or partially faulty will need to be returned to The Reseller at which point The Vendor will discharge its responsibility as per the published JHS Conditions of Sale.

In certain circumstances and on a case by case basis, The Vendor may agree to receive goods found or alleged to be damaged or faulty goods consigned directly from The Consumer to The Vendor by The Reseller’s contract carrier, or other means, at The Vendor’s cost, but only once prior authorisation has been granted.

Where The Consumer is consigning goods directly to The Vendor, The Reseller is required to instruct The Consumer of his/her responsibility to ensure that the goods are properly and appropriately packed ready for transit, wherever possible using the original manufacturer’s packing materials, and/or in any event pack the goods in such a manner which will ensure the goods arrive at The Vendor’s premises in an as new condition.

The Reseller should be aware that any goods received by The Vendor, either from The Consumer or The Reseller which are not accompanied by a returns authority number, issued under The Vendor’s notified returns procedures, will be refused with all charges for The Reseller’s account.

By placing Direct Dispatch orders with The Vendor, The Reseller hereby agrees to these Direct Dispatch terms supplementary to The Vendor’s prevailing Conditions of Sale. All Direct Dispatch orders received by The Vendor are subject to these conditions.