Acoustic excellence is a prerequisite for an acoustic instrument. LAVA Music uses a blend of natural timbers, proprietary synthetic materials, and processes to create instruments with simply stunning acoustic tonal characteristics, dynamics, and response.

Connectivity and operability are key pillars of the LAVA Music story, with on board touch screen pre-amps of immense power and sophistication, with multiple tunings tuner, multi-function metronome, FX, loopers, drums, unloadable and downloadable backing tracks, practice and tuition supported by the LAVA Music apps, the capability of these outstanding instruments will free your creativity, expand your talents, connect you with a worldwide community of players, and enable you to develop your skills, your performances, your art, in a way which no other instrument can do.

Supported by a nicely curated range of accessories, such as the Space Charging Docks, wireless charging docks, straps, guitars cords, pix, wireless performance pedals, feedback suppressors and strings LAVA Music is a community of products for a community of players.