Boomwhackers 7 Note Expanded Range Chroma-Notes Hand Bells



The high/low expanded range is for those who own the full 13-Note Octave Bell Set, and want to play even more notes.Consists of 7 notes: Low: A’-A#’-B’ / High: C#”-D”-D#”-E”.

About Boomwhackers

Boomwhackers, the #1 original tuned percussion tubes and instruments.

Boomwhackers tuned percussion tubes are a wonderful, light, portable, easy to use, and unique musical instrument which have brought the joy of music to millions in early years musical development, introducing children to the concepts of rhythm and melody, promoting teamwork, collaboration and ensemble playing, all with a sense of immense fun.

The Boomwhackers range incorporates single tubes, chromatic and diatonic packs, chimes and Chroma-note handbell sets, tuition materials, stands, beaters and accessories and is supported by a broad-church independent community of independent content and course providers.


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