CAD Astatic Palm Held Noise Cancelling Dynamic Microphone ~ Push-to-Talk

SKU: 631L


The palm held microphone series is designed for sound installations. The frequency response, especially tailored for voice communications, provides a crisp, clear, highly intelligible sound. The ergonomic teardrop housing is tough and the transducer resists atmospheric extremes. The palm held series have low-impedance output and is factory wired normally open. High-cycle DPDT switch mutes the microphone and produces an external

Noise Cancelling Dynamic Palm Held Microphone with Push-to-Talk Switch

Operating Principal Moving Coil Dynamic
Polar Pattern Noise Cancelling
Frequency Response 200Hz – 5500Hz
Sensitivity -62dBV (.8 mV) @ 1 Pa
Impedance 180 ohms

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CAD Audio continues to build upon over 85 years of innovation and success in the audio industry delivering innovative and highly useful solutions for performers, engineers and a wide range of audio professionals.

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