D'Andrea Mick's Picks Bass Pick Pack ~ 3.0mm ~ 3 Picks



D'Andrea Mick's Picks Uke Triad Pick Pack ~ 3.0mm ~ 3 Picks.

UKE Series Picks are manufactured from our exclusive Flextex composite material, offering players a more durable and flexible option to the "old school" felt picks.
Bass Series Picks are designed to achieve a more pure attack for bass players who use a pick, eliminating the "percussive clicking sound" produced by standard plastic picks.

Manufactured in Standard 351 Shape, the 3.0mm version is made from our exclusive Toneflex material while the 3.8mm version is made from our Flextex material.

About D'Andrea

In 1922, D’Andrea USA invented the first guitar pick! Today D'Andrea are creating picks for many companies seen across the world, have an extensive catalogue of custom picks and products.

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