Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay Pedal



Danelectro relaunch the legendary Back Talk Reverse Delay Pedal.

The Danelectro® Back Talk™ pedal is a reissue of the original model first launched back in 1999, and still regarded amongst musicians and studio engineers around the world, as the finest reverse/delay pedal ever built.

The same software and NOS chip processor that created the original sonic magic, is once more featured in the new Back Talk, and again with Mix, Repeats and Speed controls, is a genuine reissue in every sense of the word, yet again, producing some of the richest, tape-like reverse/delay sounds ever heard from a stand-alone effects pedal.

Now with a soft-action footswitch, funky large orange lens on/off indicator, the reissue Back Talk looks super cool in its wear and tear format, with subtle dings on the metal case, scuffed paint and faded control knobs, looking like it’s been on the same pedalboard for decades serving up timeless, '60s reverse tape simulation heard on so many classic tracks during the psychedelic era.

Retaining the original Mix, Repeats and Speed, 3 control layout, Back Talk replaces with ease, the painstaking process of operating tape machines by hand.

The ‘Mix’ control blends the wet and dry signal, while ‘Repeats’, sets the number of times the signal is voiced, from one to infinity and also varies the depth, creating an echo effect, with ‘Speed’ adjusting the delay time.

Back Talk delivers an incredibly accurate take on the classic reverse tape simulation with undulating loops where chords fade ‘into’ the attack and solo notes bend ‘down’ to pitch.

Back Talk also couples extremely well with other pedals and responds at any point throughout the guitar’s volume control sweep, for a whole new playing experience that you never knew existed in the ‘forward’ world.

Danelectro guitar effect pedals have always been admired as innovative and inspirational and now, after achieving cult status, the legendary Back Talk is back, talking back at cha, delivering swirling, psychedelic-rock reverse tape simulation with unrivalled performance and playability.

About Danelectro

Iconic, quirky and fun, Danelectro guitars & basses have been a part of Rock 'n' Roll history for over 60 years and are still revered for their unique tone and easy playability. Danelectro effects are absolute classics too!

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