Easy Karaoke Bluetooth® Kids Singalong Pedestal Karaoke Machine ~ Pink



The Easy Karaoke EKS997BT Bluetooth® karaoke system is ideal for younger children. With built in speaker, flashing LED lights and two small microphones. It's light and portable and incorporates a universal phone/tablet cradle. Record and playback functions, echo effect and a fun male to female, female to male, baby voice changer will have the kids singing all day long.

• 2 built-in tablet/phone cradles and two microphones with foldable microphone holders.
• Built -in record and playback function so you can record your favourite performance. • With the stadium echo effects and microphone volume control you are sure to sing like a star!
• As well as singing in your own voice enjoy the stunning range of vocal changing effects including Female to male, male to female, baby voice, and many more.
• Included with the EKS977BT is our unique QR code, giving you free and instant access to the EK Smart Karaoke App. Scan your code and discover thousands of Free HD Karaoke songs at your fingertips.
• 20 watts power output.
• 2 microphones included with echo effect.


About Easy Karaoke

Karaoke has been entertaining and bringing fun, laughter and enjoyment to parties, gatherings, clubs, and homes for over half a century.

Invented in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan, Karaoke lets anyone become a star entertainer, enjoying the buzz of singing their favourite artists songs, alone or with friends in a bar, in a full-blown karaoke “face-off” at your local K-Club, in a taxi, on the train, at a pool party, in the desert, up a mountain, in the woods or just in the solitude of your own room!

Easy Karaoke® has twenty-five years of experience of designing and making high quality, easy to use, feature rich , portable, pedestal and microphone Bluetooth® enabled karaoke machines to let you perform and shine, backed up by an ever-expanding and continuously updated library of thousands and thousands of backing tracks- free to stream and use- covering countless of your most popular songs.

No musical knowledge required, you don’t need to play an instrument, just plug’n’play, sing and enjoy!


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